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Harold Ahouéké's creations are the fruit of French luxury heritage.

opera de Paris - harold ahoueke

Harold Ahouéké refers to a certain idea of luxury, deeply rooted in history. King Louis the XIVth invented luxury « à la Française », made of splendor, elegance, and a brilliant and cultivated art de vivre. Aristocrats used to show off at the Court and, alongside with rhetoric, style was their weapon. It became eccentric and extravagant with Marie-Antoinette, a real fashion icon.

With the Second Empire and the “Belle Epoque”, Paris became the stunning international capital city for luxury, fashion and entertainment. Haute Couture was born, and jewelers set up Place Vendôme.

Opera and theaters were in vogue. Paris was a living stage. This cultural heritage inspires Harold Ahouéké. The Anahée stiletto symbolizes its flamboyance and prestige.

When it comes to jewelry repair, each piece is inspected several times. We track each step of the repair process using a complex computerized repair system.

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Heritage of exceptional savoir-faire

Harold Ahouéké’s creations have an extra touch of soul, the touch of French art craftsmen. From Haute Couture to leather crafting, from jewelry to goldsmithing, this heritage of exceptional savoir-faire was built through centuries and passed down from one generation of artisans to the next.

This living heritage of precious and rare skills contributes to the uniqueness of French luxury.

Passionate and talented, these virtuoso craftsmen love their work, perfectly master old techniques and have the wish to constantly challenge themselves.

Harold Ahouéké selects the best French artisans to bring life to his creations.

A place Vendôme–based jeweler and a Parisian shoemaker have cross-fertilized their skills to make this unique jewel shoe, with its
signature diamond heel.

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Heritage of creativity

The young designer Harold Ahouéké follows a long tradition of fashion and Couture design established in Paris.

Paris has always been the beating heart of fashion and creation. For centuries, the French capital city has hosted inspired, visionary and bold designers known as trend-setters. They have found the
freedom to express their style and this network of craftsmen, able to serve their creativity with a unique and traditional expertise.

It came to Harold Ahouéké as an evidence: it is in Paris that he graduated from a prestigious fashion design school and where he sharpened his creative talent.

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