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Harold Ahouéké is a young French designer

His passion for fashion and arts goes back to his very childhood as it was passed down to him by the women in his family: his mother, a ballerina, and his aunt, a dressmaker.

After first professional steps into fashion sales and communication, Harold Ahouéké started to think of setting up his own Maison.

He then graduated from Esmod Paris, the internationally recognized school of fashion and creation since 1841.

At Esmod, he learned design and sharpened his creativity and artistic talent. Simultaneously, he was trained with in the greatest Parisian Fashion and Luxury Maisons: Hermès, Dior, and Issey Miyaké. He now flies with his own wings to fulfill his wildest dreams and those of his future clients.

His long-considered project consists in designing extraordinary, bespoke, ultra-luxury accessories, all made in Paris and handmade by French most skilled craftsmen, with the objective of making his exceptional clients stand out.
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Classical dance

As a child, Harold Ahouéké used to be captivated by his Mum’s music bow, in which a miniature ballerina rotated with grace and delicacy.

This is how his fascination for the opera ballet began. Ballerinas move him: wearing their pointe shoes, they endlessly work out and rigorously rehearseuntil the graceful moment on stage, when, mastering the choreography, they touch people’s heart.

For Harold Ahouéké, ballet is synonymous with commitment, elegance, emotion and pointe shoes that shape a delicate foot, a feminine allure and a sylph-like silhouette.

classical dance - harold ahoueke
architecture - Harold Ahouéké


Harold Ahouéké is an architecture enthusiast. This discipline combines art and rigor. As a fashion designer, an architect expresses his distinctive vision and style while at the same time he perfectly masters volumes and proportions.

Harold’s tastes in architecture are very eclectic, from historic to futuristic buildings.

He’s particularly fond of towers. As the heel of a shoe, towers challenge height with style, like the Parisian Vendome Column
with its spiral frieze or the glittering Dubai’s Cayan Tower with its twisting design. The latter inspired him to design the heel of his stiletto.

Luxury“à la française”

Harold Ahouéké’s creations refer to French cultural heritage.

  • Versailles and its splendor: elegance, sophistication, and a brilliant art of showing-off prevailed at the Royal Court of the King of France.
  • XIXth century Paris: the city became the vibrant international capital of luxury, fashion, and style during the Second Empire and the “Belle Epoque”. French luxury also relies on excellence craftsmanship Parisian Couture, Haute Joaillerie, and Haute
    Maroquinerie are still very lively, thanks to exceptional savoir-faire passed on from one generation of skilled artisans to the next.
  • Lastly, French luxury comes with great creativity. Designers have a contemporary vision and strive for innovation. They constantly revisit and update traditions with boldness.
luxury a la française - Harold Ahouéké

Luxury is synonymous with the freedom to create, supported by rare and remarkable craftsmanship

Harold Ahouéké